Sunday :: Feb 12, 2006

Why Isn't A VP Shooting A Story Of Some Significance?

by Steve

Leave it to Greg Mitchell over at Editor and Publisher tonight to ask how can it not be a big story when the Vice President shoots someone, even accidentally? And yet, if it hadn’t been for the ranch owner calling her friend at the local paper this morning and letting him know about it, this story wouldn’t have even come out today because the White House was willing to let it go unreported until the local paper went with it. The local sheriff was willing to let the Secret Service sweep this under the rug, like a Jenna and not-Jenna chugging contest.

What were they afraid of? The embarrassment of Cheney looking stupid, reckless, or perhaps being drunk as a skunk? The fact that his idea of hunting is like his idea of liberating countries? Revealing who else was on that hunting party? Or is something else at play here? And why did Bush sit on this, despite being told on Saturday after it happened?

Once again, can you imagine what would have happened if Al Gore had done this in the 1990’s, and what the Mighty Wurlitzer would be doing now?

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