Tuesday :: Feb 14, 2006

DNC DINOs on the GOP Payroll?

by pessimist

If we needed proof that the Democrats are throwing the fight to save the nation, this is certainly it:

Popular Ohio Democrat Drops Out of Race, and Perhaps Politics

Paul Hackett, an Iraq war veteran and popular Democratic candidate in Ohio's closely watched Senate contest, said yesterday that he was dropping out of the race and leaving politics altogether as a result of pressure from party leaders.

Mr. Hackett said Senators Charles E. Schumer of New York and Harry Reid of Nevada, the same party leaders who he said persuaded him last August to enter the Senate race, had pushed him to step aside so that Representative Sherrod Brown, a longtime member of Congress, could take on Senator Mike DeWine, the Republican incumbent.

"For me, this is a second betrayal," Mr. Hackett said. "First, my government misused and mismanaged the military in Iraq, and now my own party is afraid to support candidates like me."

It is time to abandon the Democratic Party and seek to establish a real opposition to Bu$hCo. It is clear that there is no other option. Every chance they have had to do something to halt the destruction of America, they have found some way to drop the ball. They don't want to win. they don't want to try.

They must want a one-party state.

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