Thursday :: Feb 16, 2006

Gonzales Refuses To Recuse DOJ From Abramoff Investigation "At This Time"

by Steve

Abu Gonzales has refused to recuse himself and the DOJ from the investigation of Jack Abramoff and those he dealt with inside the GOP and the administration, "at this time." Gonzales told Fox that career DOJ prosecutors are working this case and all other cases free of a political agenda. As usual, it is good to hear Abu say this, but the issue isn't the independence of the career prosecutors, but that of their superiors, namely the political hacks like Alice Fisher who will ensure that none of the Abramoff splashback will hit the White House or even Gale Norton for that matter.

Imagine what would have happened if Janet Reno had denied Ken Starr's request to expand the Whitewater investigation into the Lewinsky matter because career DOJ prosecutors were quite capable of investigating her boss. I'm sure those same GOP senators who browbeat Reno into letting Starr have his fishing expedition will come out today and tell Abu that he has a conflict of interest here and must turn this case over to a special prosecutor.

Yeah, right.

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