Sunday :: Feb 19, 2006

A New Commenting Policy

by Mary

In order to provide more control over our dreaded spam commenters and to improve the level of discourse on this site, we've instituted a registered user system using TypeKey as our authentification system. If you have a TypeKey account, registering is as easy as clicking on the sign-in feature in the Comments popup window. You will be automatically registered for commenting on TLC as soon as you sign-in.

For comments from people who don't login through the TypeKey system, we're changing the default to only allow comments that have been approved by the author or by Steve or me.

To our regulars, we are instituting this change so that we can have more comments about where and how we can make the change we need to shape a better future and so we can spend less time getting annoyed by the irrelevant and trollish comments that derail the discussion.

To our more obnoxious trolls, here was one blogger's comments on what one should consider before commenting:

My advice to those commenting on blogs (not just mine) is that in a sense you’re visiting someone else’s home when you leave a comment. Comments have the ability to build up our tear down your reputation. They are a permanent record of who you are and what you stand for - so take care - be gracious - make sure they add value (not only to the blog you’re visiting but also to your own online profile).

Our policy: You are welcome to disagree with what you read on this site and, in fact, we have regulars that who almost always disagree, but still add value to the conversation. However, if you believe your role in life is to derail or hijack a thread, you will find your comments unwelcome. Trolls that are particularly obnoxious will be banned when enough of us tire of their games. So if you think someone is particularly egregious, drop me or Steve a line.

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