Saturday :: Feb 25, 2006

Gimme An O! Gimme A V! Gimme An E! ...

by pessimist

The Fat Lady is clearing her throat and getting ready to perform her aria. She's only waiting for her cue to go on.

When it comes to the grrrrandiose plans of Koenig Georg Kriegsfuhrer, the only composition to be used for the theme music is Wagner's Gotterdaemerung, for these days are truly the Twilight of the Self-Appointed PNAC Gods.

With the bombing of the Golden Mosque in Sammara, all bets are off that the Iraqi 'government' - a creation of the infidel as was the hated Ba'athist regime that preceeded it - can maitian control. Uberconservative William F. Buckley says Bu$hco must acknowledge defeat, and the call for a phased withdrawal has been issued as the central project of Bush's presidency may no longer be in the administration's hands.

Iraq's military will have to reach a level of full independence so it can take over the battle against the insurgency and allow the Bush administration to withdraw U.S. troops eventually, but The number of Iraqi army battalions judged capable of fighting the insurgency without U.S. help has slipped from one to zero since September, Pentagon officials said Friday.

the useless Iraqi 'government' can do little but issue empty proclamations. The interior minister announced a 24-hour ban on all vehicular movements in Baghdad and its suburbs in an effort contain sectarian violence, but that isn't impeding the Shiite militias one bit!

Residents of several Baghdad neighborhoods have reported seeing pickup trucks barreling through otherwise empty streets, bearing militia members armed with rifles and rocket-propelled grenades.

Iraq's Defence Minister Saadoun al-Dulaimi is threatening, "We are ready to fill the streets with armoured vehicles", but that deafening silence you hear is the concern being expressed by the sectarians over that comment.

The only member of the Coallition of the $willing that has enough manpower to even think about doing anything during this crisis in control - Britain - has local relations that are too damaged to do any good.

I suspect that over the next few weeks, we will see the other Swiller$ heading for the exits as fast as they can get there - with George in the lead. He'll need what's left of his armies to try to hang on to power here in the United States so that he isn't impeached.

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