Tuesday :: Feb 28, 2006

Is This Port Deal 'Just Business' - Mafia-Style?

by pessimist

The good folks over at Buzzflash have an interesting take on the strong Bu$hCo support for the Dubai Ports World sell-out management deal:

Maybe the sheikhs of Dubai and the United Arab Emirates have some nasty goods on Bush, Cheney, the Carlyle Group, Halliburton (you name the corporate crony relationship) that the Bush dynasty can't afford to be revealed, because it involves illegal financial transactions and questionable geopolitical agreements.

In short, maybe the national security of America is being blackmailed.

Could it be, as Darth Vader said, "And now I am the Master"?

Representative Peter T. King (R-NY): "I don't see why the president wants to fall on his sword for the United Arab Emirates, not in the post-9/11 world."

What say you?

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