Friday :: Mar 3, 2006

Michael Brown Deserves Some Credit

by Steve

I savaged Michael Brown of FEMA as bad as many people did in the aftermath of Katrina. I had fun at his expense over his job as head of an Arabian horse association, and pilloried him as much as anyone. I also said that he would drift away and never come out against his bosses.

With the release of the AP video this week, which clearly shows that Brown was warning his superiors as early as August 28th that he was concerned about the Superdome, about the ability of the state and local governments to react, and about what would happen to New Orleans, I have to admit that Brown showed he was engaged and raising alarms. I also admit that I am happy to see that he fights for his reputation and is not going away. In fact, it now looks like Michael Chertoff is about to be sacked.

Other bloggers have made mea culpas about Brown today, namely Joe Gandelman over at the Moderate Voice, and Jane Hamsher over at FireDogLake. Surprisingly in both cases, Brown (or someone acting like him) has posted acknowledgements in the comments section.

I am not writing this to get an acknowledgement from Mike Brown. But as someone who routinely takes issue with what I think is an inept, craven, morally bankrupt, and corrupt administration, I think it is only fair to point out that recent events have to some degree validated what Mike Brown was saying about his role and that of his superiors. So to the degree that I was wrong about my criticisms of Brown, I apologize, and redirect my ire at those who really deserve it: his bosses.

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