Tuesday :: Mar 14, 2006

The Company You Keep

by Duckman GR

The Democrats need a purge. We tried it last month, missing by a couple thousand votes in TX-28. Rather than quit, and become losers, we must press on. Next up, Ned Lamont.

I'm probably violating some pledge I made not to bash Democrats, but, really, can we call lieberman a Democrat and not be bushing? Maybe he's something else. Digby says he's this,

That speech was the single most disloyal public political act of my lifetime. The Republicans were shrill, shrieking hyenas, foaming at the mouth, circling in for the kill --- and that preening showboater stepped into the well of the senate and used his image as a moral exemplar to try to validate their bullshit partisan witch hunt. It was unforgivable. But he got lots of fawning press coverage from the Republicans and the beltway establishment and it evidently got into his blood. He can't stop doing it.

Ouch, that's gotta leave a mark! But anyway, for conclusive evidence, look at this nugget from Holden over at First Draft. The two biggest mistakes of Al Gore's career, although they seemed like reasonable choices at the time, given the circumstances, yet, clearly, they were not.

Look at that list. Kristol. Krauthammer. Gingrich. Bauer. Freeh. Kemp. Forbes. lieberman. brazile. A fine portrait of the gop. But wait, zell, donna, joe? Oh, that's right, a list of sanctimonious self aggrandizers of the first order.

We can't fire donna brazile, but we sure as hell can fire lieberman.

This article, via everybody, on Mr. Lamont from the Hartford Courant is well worth the read, showing us, at first blush, a real Democrat.

As for the rest of the party, well, you can only implore, harang, hector, encourage, write, call, lecture, yell, scream, spittle flecked rants so much, before a demonstration is needed. We're way past that point, so anytime we unleash one, it's timely.

And somewhere along the line the leadership is going to recognize it's time to lead, time to fight, time for a cage match. Eventually somebody is going to act on the notion that it's not a game, not a chess match or a horse race, but real deadly life. As that article Steve refers to below indicates, lieberman has lost touch with that reality, just like bush and rumdrunk and frist, and it's time to show him some cold hard.

This country is crying out for people of quality and candor and conviction to deal with the challenges reagan bush and the corporations have dumped on us, the hate and insanity of fundamentalism, the immaturity and selfishness that has engulfed the world in a cold and unsatisfying grip; and the thought that simpering fools like frist or bush or lieberman, gutless cowards like c. thomas and powell, frightened miserable old men like cheney and sensenbrenner and scalia, are the best that this country has to offer to contend with those forces does not speak well to our future, nor speak well of the brilliance of Jefferson and Madison and Washington and Adams and Franklin et al.

Will it be this or this? It's time we decide, and that t rip starts with that first step THROUGH the doorway this time.

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