Thursday :: Mar 16, 2006

Small Plurality Support Censure

by Steve

So there I go, putting up a post that questions the wisdom of Russ Feingold's censure resolution because it will rally the GOP caucus to Bush's side, so soon after they had abandoned him on the Dubai debacle. And what is the next thing I see?

Dick Bennett's American Research Group does the first censure poll, through yesterday, and finds that a small plurality (five points) of voters approve censure while disapproving impeachment by 7 points at this time. Aside from being surprised at the support, albeit small, for censure, I am also surprised that the open-ended impeachment question only loses by 7 points. Previous polls on impeachment were tied to Bush's lies about Iraq and WMDs. This poll simply asks if Congress should impeach Bush, and the question only loses by 7 points among voters.

One surprising finding from the results is that while Independents are against censure, they support impeachment by seven points.

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