Friday :: Mar 17, 2006

Miller: I'm A Pathetic Tool Because Of Bloggers

by Steve

Judy Kneepads wants Vanity Fair to believe that it wasn't her propaganda for Ahmad Chalabi and Donald Rumsfeld that got her in trouble, nor her role in outing Valerie Plame. Miller says that it was bloggers that brought her down and drove a wedge between her and her editors and peers in the newsroom. Since this "bash the bloggers" refrain is heard over and over again lately inside the right wing spin machine, we can rest assured of Judy Kneepads' right wing credentials. But does Miller name names of bloggers who did her in, or did she make this claim previously when she wrote her explanations to the NYT readership for her inaccurate crap and willingness to be a tool of the Bush White House?


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