Saturday :: Mar 18, 2006

The Return Of The Son Of The Liberal Media's Revenge Rides Again

by pessimist

Hard on the heels of the announcement that the Knight Ridder newspaper chain was to be bought up, only to hear that 12 of the lesser papers are immediately to be resold, a wealthy buyer has stepped forward to place an offer.

The interesting this? The buyer is not only well-to-do, but is friendly to organized labor and holds liberal views.

Who is this progressive angel?

Big Dem donor to fund Knight-Ridder worker buyout?
by jennifer poole

According to a FAQ posted yesterday on the Newspaper Guild's site, the 12-paper employee buyout proposal is being backed by Yucaipa Companies, a pro-union private equity firm based in Los Angeles, and owned by major Democratic philanthropist and "supermarket magnate" Ron Burkle, 53.

Almost sounds too good to be true! It might just start a trend! I refer anyone interested to wander over to Daily Kos and read the rest of the post. Then, come back here and leave a comment. I want your thoughts!!!

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