Monday :: Mar 20, 2006

Anjha Asks: Day Six - Did You Thank Russ Yet?

by pessimist

Anjha needs your help:

I was just contacted by Paula from a PAC started by Feingold. I had volunteered to work on Feingold's campaign, that is why she contacted me.

She said one more impressive thing about Feingold, she said that she does not deal with his Federal Offices because Feingold has a strict policy about keeping a wall between campaigning and his Federal offices. She said that he is saying that 2008 is too early to make a determination about the Presidential campaign, but right now he is supporting Progressive candidates [see here for details]

She wanted more info on the "Thank Russ" Campaign.

Would it be a possible for you to have a little post where we could ask everyone to confirm if they sent thank you cards, which office, how many people they forwarded the campaign to, how many blogs (with links) that they posted on, etc??

This will also help me when I contact WI media on Wednesday; this should have provided enough time for the cards to start rolling in. I will alert WI media and then my local media and this should push MSM so that it will receive National attention (which was phase II of the goal; phase I being let Feingold know we were standing with him, maybe send him a little money, phase III is the rest of the Dems get a clue as to what people want.)

Thanks, Anjha

"If you wanna end war and stuff, you gotta sing louder." Arlo Guthrie

Ok, folks! Rally 'round!

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