Wednesday :: Mar 22, 2006

So The Worst Won't Happen

by pessimist

I happen to be trained in an engineering discipline, and one of the things engineers have to do if they are to perform their tasks correctly is to think 'worst-case', as in 'what is the worst that could happen if..."

We have seen in the past several years many examples of the range of engineering performance, from the Twin Towers still standing even after being slammed by two large airliners (why they FELL is to await another discussion another time, so don't bring that up in the comments!!!) and thwarting Osama's plan to kill hundreds of thousands when the Towers toppled into other buildings, which toppled into other buildings, which toppled into other buildings, ...

On the other hand, a building totally collapsed in Bangladesh while having an additional floor added to it - a good example of poor engineering. It wouldn't have stood up to a Piper Cub like the building in Florida a while back.

But it isn't just physical buildings which stand or fall based on the quality of their worst-case engineering.
Virtual constructs like companies - or countries - can as well

Right after the outrageous SCOTUS decisions awarding the presidency to King George (since reputiated by one of the unindicted co-conspirators), I was shocked that there wasn't more outcry about the audaciousness of that act. I began to write comments to blogs, seeking a place where I might help to construct an opposition to King George. To make a long story short, that practice earned me a place on The Left Coaster, courtesy of Blog Lord Steve Soto. I'm still grateful for the opportunity after over 2.5 years.

I don't get paid to blog, nor do I expect to. I have a real-world job. I wanted a place where I might raise the worst-case alarm, maybe to inform someone about the real state of the nation as I see it enough to at least think about the points I raise.

I'm not seeking popularity through blogging. While it would be nice to have the kind of hit statistics that sites like Kos or Steve Gilliard get, we have had our own share of DDoS attacks and spammers sneaking in to our comment threads as a result of the attention we have attracted.

I'm not talking about the trolls here. Mary spends a whole lot of time I'm sure she'd rather use blogging keeping the site up for the rest of us. You have no idea just how much that work takes, except for those times when comments are slow to post. She is the one to thank for giving you a forum to praise or chastise us posters!

So if I'm not in it for the money, nor the popularity, why am I in it?

I have had the pleasure of watching someone act through my influence and example. I was able to experience that pleasure once again just the other day watching reader Anjha's campaign to thank Russ Feingold for his stance on censuring King George take flight.

That is why I am in it.

Not everyone is going to have the drive or energy that Anjha showed, but there is still that huge mass of America which needs to be moved off of their complacent bases (to be kind) and face the problems facing our nation. It is in great danger of toppling, taking the same sort of plunge in a figurative manner as that building in Bangladesh did in the real.

The Founding Fathers - among the best-educated men of their times - took great pains to hammer out a plan by which a nation might be constructed to last for ages, despite being buffetted by the winds of changed opinions and shaken by the upheavals of human frailty. The question before us is whether they did enough of a worst-case examination to provide us a structure of nationhood stronger and more resilient that the real-world Bangladeshi building proved to be. That question remains open, as our society struggles to awaken sufficiently from the Bu$hCo torpor they currently enjoy to identify and rectify the great dangers facing our land.

According to many published reports, some of which I have tried to post, [didn't get that link into my post - my bad!], blogs such as The Left Coaster have been having an effect, being the sort of media that the mainstream variety failed to be when they were needed [as still they fail!].

That is why I'm in it.

I have been heartened by these reports that my time and effort - so minimal when compared to so many others - may have had the intended effects. And to someone who thinks worst-case, that means that the worst hasn't happened - and maybe won't.

While worst-case in our nation today would be the establishment of a fascist-corporatist dictatorship, there are signs arising lately that indicate it won't come about, at least not with the sort of strength and resilience that our Constitution was built with. It will fail, no matter what Bu$hCo attempts.

That would be reward enough for this pessimist. That is why I'm in it.

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