Tuesday :: Mar 28, 2006

Federal Food Program Cutback Knifes Our Seniors

by paradox

In this vast land, this land of mansions, yachts, F-22’s, vacation suites, chauffeurs, truffles, Hummers, t-bones, furs, jewels, summer estates, private jets, silks, massage, fission, servants, nanopods, symphonies, skyscrapers, in this place there are plain folk who worked hard all their lives, did well, and through no fault of their own don’t recieve too much right now as seniors.

Often less than a $1,000 a month. When they entered the workforce they weren’t in a pension job, but to survive they worked, of course: patiently, willingly, grateful to be Americans, paying their fair share of taxes, raising good kids. Forty years, sometimes fifty years they worked, and no one ever told them to save in their 401k’s, they hadn’t been invented yet. This was America—a good life of service to market and country didn’t leave you dumped in the street, poor, cold and hungry.

George Bush and the Republican Party, in total control of all parts of our government, just tossed 50,000 seniors off the Commodity Supplemental Food Program, which costs $110 million a year. Times are tough, they say.

Not tough enough for a $95 million F-22, or half a trillion dollars for the Iraq fiasco, or big tax cuts for the wealthy, or sops to pharmaceuticals and farmers, oh no. Government doesn’t exist to serve our decent, honest seniors who are only getting a $22 box of food every month. It exists to serve the selfish reasons to lying, bloodthirsty barbarian freaks who have hijacked our way of life.

How on earth did these jackals ever get raised in this country? When they’re not blowing up Iraqi kids they’re knifing our own seniors, polluting like mad, lying about anything, bankrupting the place and calling critics traitors.

These Republicans are going to pay. The gore-splattered felons think we’ll forget in ten months—oh, they say, fire up the TV with abortion and gays who want to adopt, no one will remember this.

I will. By God our seniors will—a huge army of outraged seniors is already on the march after the Medicare drug bill, make no mistake, and this will only inflame them more.

My Dad could have been one of those seniors. He’s told me countless times how lucky he was, even though he worked very hard. Hell that could be any of us in thirty of forty years after the bankruptcy these war freaks will leave us with! Those seniors aren’t some obscure concept, for Christ’s sake, they’re our own flesh and blood Americans!

This is not in any sense the America I grew up with. Jesus save us, these killing spree Republicans call themselves Christians! They have the unmitigated gall to think they can recruit Catholics!

This will not stand. The Democrats are useless, as usual, but we will still do a great good by taking these freak war felons who knife our seniors the hell out of our government. This is sick, outrageous pathology, I could give a god damn what happens this November, I will spend my whole life fighting it.

Thanks Elizabeth Fernandez, San Francisco Chronicle

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