Saturday :: Apr 1, 2006

Dealing with Global Warming

by Mary

The Time's cover story this week is a rather frightening look at global warming. Clearly the earth is suffering from our abuse of her systems and it's not possible to wait for Bush and his clueless administration to get off their duffs and start dealing with this problem.

What can we do about it? One major thing that Americans can do is to simply make better use of the energy we have. Yup, energy efficiency is the key way we can make a big difference. To see what I mean, you need to know that the major reason the California power crisis in 2000-2001 ended was because Californians went on a crash energy efficiency program that reduced the demand for energy by the equivalent of 10 large power plants in less than six months.

The state poured $1 billion in emergency funding into a newly invigorated set of incentive programs dubbed "Flex Your Power." And Californians flexed, big-time. In short order, they replaced nearly eight million lightbulbs with [compact fluorescent lightbulbs (CFLs)] in their homes. Cities and towns installed thousands of light-emitting diode (LED) traffic lights, which use less than half as much electricity as the incandescent lamps they replaced. Factories swapped out thousands of old motors for more-efficient new ones.”

So rather than having to build one new power plant per week as Vice President Cheney said was needed to keep up with California's energy needs, Californians simply used power more efficiently and broke the power brokers cartel's ability to game the system. Do read the article to see what more can be done.

Does your state or community have programs to use energy more efficiently?

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