Tuesday :: Apr 4, 2006

GOP Ready To Filibuster Against Guest Worker Program

by Steve

I said this yesterday, and I say it again today, especially now that it appears that Senate conservatives have enough votes to filibuster the McCain-Kennedy immigration reform bill. If the GOP has enough votes to stop any guest worker program from emerging from the Senate, then Democrats should force those same GOP conservatives to vote on a bill that criminalizes illegal immigrants and requires their deportation. Make them vote on the House bill. Offer no grand compromise that allows any face-saving. The Senate’s GOP conservatives should be required to vote in favor of their rhetoric and show Hispanics and Catholic voters in advance of November what they stand for.

Illegal immigration and its effects upon our economy, our communities and social services, and most importantly upon our workers here at home is a legitimate issue. Red state voters who are angry about illegal immigration, and any voter who feels they have been adversely affected by illegal immigration needs to be heard, but they also need to confront the end result of their anger. If you don’t want any kind of guest worker program, and want the borders tightened or even a fence put up, then what do you propose to do with the 11-12 million illegals who are here now? If their presence in the country is such a major issue, then why would you then still allow them to continue working illegally without deporting them? And after you have deported them, assuming that was ever possible, then if you really are concerned about what illegal immigrants have done to your community and job prospects, then shouldn’t you expect your same red-state conservative senator to suddenly vote to overturn NAFTA, raise the minimum wage, stop outsourcing, and return all those jobs back to Main Street? And what will you do, red-state voter, when you find that your red-state senator has no intention of doing any of these things, because it goes against what Corporate America, the real boss of your red-state senator, wants?

Let’s have a real debate about reforming immigration in this country, but let’s do it after the Senate’s conservative Republicans have shot down a guest worker program and been made to vote on their rhetoric for this November.

By the way, shouldn’t Democrats also forcefully point out in the coming days the misplaced priorities of a political party and its extremists who reserve the right to filibuster for themselves? Why are filibusters unacceptable for predominantly white conservatives for lifetime court appointments, but perfectly acceptable to deny a guest worker program, criminalize illegal immigrants, and deport them?

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