Friday :: Apr 7, 2006

GOP Refuses To Allow For Up Or Down Vote On Specter Immigration Compromise Today

by Steve

The immigration compromise was shelved this morning when the entire GOP caucus voted against closing off debate so that the compromise bill could have an up or down vote. All Democrats except red-state incumbents up for election voted in favor of the Specter cloture motion this morning, and apparently those Democrats saw no need to vote for a motion to shut off debate if the GOP wasn’t going to allow an up or down vote on the Specter compromise bill itself. Yet the AP reporter spun this like it was the Democrats who killed the bill, when in fact even if all Democrats had voted for cloture, the cloture motion would still not pass without GOP votes.

And why did the compromise bill fail to get an up-or-down vote today? Bill Frist asked his caucus to vote against the compromise measure this morning that he was praising just yesterday, and then indicated that he may not let the bill come up again this year. Why exactly does the GOP insist on up-or-down votes for white Supreme Court judges, but not for a broad-based immigration reform measure?

Update: After I emailed the author of the AP story to point out her incorrect spin on this story, the slant has been changed from the original version to correctly reflect the fact that Democrats wanted the Specter bill to get a vote, rather than be subjected to further amendments from those opposed to the bill.

Update #2: Look past the bullsh*t from McCain and Specter today and ask yourself this. Just how badly did Specter and McCain want to reform immigration when they voted against cloture, and thereby denied the chance for their own bill to get an up-or-down vote? Take a close look at the vote count.

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