Friday :: Apr 7, 2006

Mid-Day Update: McCain The Hypocrite

by Steve

Not that the media or John McCain cares anymore, but we have already lost 19 more American soldiers in Iraq this month. (Hat tip to Georgia10 at DailyKos)

There was another atrocious attack today upon a Shiite mosque in northern Baghdad today, killing at least 79 and injuring hundreds more. Meanwhile, it seems like the Americans are just happy that the attacks by Iraqis are redirected against each other and not at us as much anymore, which is a recipe for false hopes and a civil war.

Another Bush Administration official has been nailed for an alleged sex crime; this time an official in the Department of Defense Information Technology agency was using his DoD computer to send and receive child pornography. (Hat tip to Sean-Paul at the Agonist)

At the same time that John McCain wants new fundraising restrictions upon what are known as “527” groups, groups which were successfully used by Democrats in 2004, McCain’s own staff set up a new 527 group to help funnel soft money to him for his 2008 presidential run.

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