Sunday :: Apr 9, 2006

Are We Back To Two-Party Politics Yet?

by pessimist

There is a new activism among the major Democrats of late. John Kerry has been openly chastising Bu$hCo, while Al Gore recruits corporate executives for the coming Green Revolution. Senator Ron Wyden (D-OR), a member of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, went to the floor of the Senate to call for a vote on the President’s plan and budget for American’s continued involvement in Iraq, citing the need for Congress to have a role as a “co-equal branch of government” in the future of the war-ravaged nation. Even Ted Kennedy has put down the jug long enough to put out a book on seven "critical challenges" for the nation.

Meanwhile, Republicans continue to take other Republicans to task for their sins, including House Judiciary Committee Chairman James Sensenbrenner, R-Wisc. vowing to block the immigration bill just passed by the Senate, and former House majority leader Richard K. Armey (R-Tex.) sayingDeLay (R-Tex.) was largely to blame for leading Republicans away from their core values.

Maybe that was to keep Republicans from suffering the consequences of their actions?

As WaPo points out in the Armey article:

[I]t took a little more than a decade for DeLay and House Republicans to succumb to many practices they railed against in the 1990s. From stifling congressional dissent to the raw use of power, they say, Republicans have become like the Democratic barons they ousted in 1994.

I have to disagree.

In the first place, the sort of crimes committed by Democrats up to the GOP takeover of the House in 1994 pale in comparison to those comitted by Republicans since. It isn't a Democrat who claims that "We've created a culture that just breeds corruption" [PDF]. That honor belongs to Arizona Republican Jeff Flake. While Democrat abusers of the public trust like Dan Rostenkowski dipped into the trough for personal gain, they didn't leave behind an economic time bomb waiting to take America down.

The Republicans have.

In the second place, the sort of 'stifling' that the GOP complained about prior to 1994 is currently de riguer for them. Democrats aren't even admitted to White House briefing sessions anymore, [unless they are DINOs like JoeMental!] and have had little voice in the conduct of the nation's business, not even in the media (although that seems to be easing lately).

That wasn't the case when GOP blowhard Newt "Pooty-Poot" Gingrich loudly decried the Democratic attempts to keep his party's agenda off the dockets when they controlled Congress! Without the assistance and front-page coverage of the media, the 1994 Republican Congressional takeover engineered by the Republican Reptile couldn't have happened. Imagine if instead of the front page, Gingrich was buried somewhere below the ads in the middle of the paper as Democrats generally have been since - could he have been successful in creating the change in the Congressional makeup though media appeals to the voters?

I say no.

But with conservatives beginning to notice in the conservative media that the Republican empire has no clothes, Republicans are scrambling to find something to wear. For example, Senator Pat Roberts complains:

... that if the White House didn't yield on Congress' assertion of greater oversight authority, Democrats would succeed in getting a broader investigation that could result in subpoenas, claims of executive privilege and, potentially, a court clash between Congress and the White House.

Would any Republican have been caught dead making such statements in the media even just one year ago?

Considering that SC(R)OTUS is in the Bu$hCo Royal rucksack, I wouldn't see the need to threaten Bu$hCo with a vacuous court 'clash' unless one were posing for the voters back home, which is in itself a sign of change. Reddest-of-Red State Kansas must be awakening from the Reaganite slumber into which they descended and have yet to emerge, and Roberts must be worried that all of the bad press he's received for his inaction while keeping his Senate seat firmly down on the floor will come to their notice - and to his detriment.

But even if America is returning to a two-party politics where each side gets to participate in our nation's governance, there remains repairing the damage caused to us by Bu$hco excesses. Economically, diplomatically, politically, militarily - the United States is in deep trouble.

Take Hawaii, for example. Recent heavy rains have caused major problems in the state, and the Hawaiian National Guard units are in Iraq, propting the Hawaii State Senate to pass a resolution calling upon the governor of Hawaii to withdraw the Hawaii Army and Air National Guard troops from Iraq. [PDF] They are needed more at home to assist storm-ravaged Hawaiians than assising PNAC tyros and their insane plans to take over the world.

It's a welcome change seeing the people retake the power that is rightfully theirs.

In twelve short years, the American people have allowed the Republican Party to squander our position as the world's leader. Our government will be too busy with internal affairs that truly require their attention to worry much about reclaiming that world role. They will be too busy rebuilding this nation and our own economy. Others who are ready to assume that world-leader role as we abandon it will have it locked up for decades while we repair our own house and get it once again in order.

This is the legacy of King George of Crawford:
One-party rule is bad for the health and welfare of a nation.

We aren't going to be able to call the tune from the world anymore. We're going to have to get used to someone else calling it - and we'll have to play it. We're too broke to refuse.

That's what we get for not using our heads when someone like George or Newt makes us fantastic promises about how good it's going to be once they get control. We should have looked at their driving records before we gave them the keys to the bus. We should have looked in the mirrors ourselves to see where we were versus where they were taking us. We should have been looking at the map instead of trusting them to know where they were taking us when it didn't look familiar anymore.

Now, due to our own irresponsibility, we are going to suffer the liability. It's our lifestyle that is going to disappear as the means to sustain it dry up to pay our debts. Maybe that will teach us to believe charlatains and fools - and not to be foolish ourselves.

We're going to have to give up American Idol due to lack of time if we are going to be a party to our governance, for that was how this nation was intended to be run. We may send representatives to Congress and the White House to deal with the minutiae of governance, but it is up to us to see to it that they do the job we pay them to do and replace them if they don't. We haven't been doing that job since Richard Nixon resigned, and it's high time we resumed our duties.

We can't let it get any worse than it already is.

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