Monday :: Apr 10, 2006

Containing The IraNqenstein Monster

by pessimist

With the world all abuzz over White House plans to nuke Iran, there needs to be exposure to efforts to remove the excuses that Bu$hco will use to unleash the Atomic Jinn.

For instance, Five IAEA inspectors arrived in Iran on Friday.

The deputy head of Iran's atomic organisation, Mohammad Saidi, said the IAEA team were on a trip to a uranium conversion site at Isfahan and would later visit an enrichment facility at Natanz ... ahead of a trip to the Islamic republic by International Atomic Energy Agency chief Mohamed El Baradei.

What this tells me is that the world isn't interested in repeating the horros unleashed upon Hiroshima and Nagasaki, which may explain the latest excuse offered by the White House to stall for time to prepare the attack:

U.S. delays talks with Iran until Iraq can participate

Pardon me if I'm not impressed. If the situation in Iran is serious enough to prepare for atomic war without Iraq's participation, then talks with the Iranians cannot await the pleasure of the warring factions.

"We're being distracted," says The Independent. Condi shows us her human side (again): so what is she up to?

That question could be applied to the entire Bu$h (mi$)Admini$tration!

Hopefully, the first indication of what they are up to won't be a mushroom cloud.

[A tip of the titanium tam o'shanter to God of War for inspiring the title]

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