Monday :: Apr 10, 2006

Mysterious Joe

by larre

One day after meeting with "a tough crowd" in his home state Joe Lieberman on Monday makes it official:

"U.S. Sen. Joe Lieberman, facing a challenge from within the Democratic Party for renomination, said Monday he has not ruled out the possibility he would seek a fourth term as an independent."
I've been busy and haven't paid as much attention as I should have. But it seems passing strange that a senator whose biggest political problem is that he talks like GOP-Lite would expressly admit he is toying with the idea of leaving the Democratic Party.

This can't be calculated to win the affections of Connecticut Democrats. It isn't likely to impress independent voters with Lieberman's spine. And I can't see Connecticut Republicans buying any change-of-party stuff from Lieberman.

So, what's the advantage in this admission from Lieberman's point of view? I honestly don't get it. Can anyone help?

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