Thursday :: Apr 13, 2006

In INC Replay, Cheney Outsources Iran Intel-Gathering To Known Terrorist Group

by Steve

The IAEA said today that despite the bluster from Iran over the last several days about the success of its uranium enrichment program, the agency has no proof to support Iran’s claimed successes. Against this backdrop, Iran is sending signals that it will provide the IAEA with missing information on its program as China works with Russia to defuse this.

Will this matter to the bloodlusters in the White House? Perhaps not. Raw Story is running with a piece this afternoon which reports that on the direction of Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld, the United States has outsourced its Iranian regime destabilization program to a known Saddam-supported terrorism group, the MEK, over the objections of the State Department and the CIA. According to anonymous intelligence officials, Cheney and Rumsfeld have picked up where Saddam left off, and enabled the MEK to work from its base of operations inside Iraq near the Iranian border to wage destabilization activities against the Iranian regime, including the bombings and killing of innocent Iranians. These intelligence officials, and those of other countries feel that the MEK cannot be controlled, and that it is insane for the United States to use a known terrorist group to undermine the Iranian regime and to rely on intelligence gathered by such a group.

The MEK has its share of bipartisan support on the Hill and among neo-cons, including many Republicans who apparently didn’t bother to check with Central Command or the State Department about the MEK and its operations against our forces in Iraq. All that matters to these members of Congress apparently isn’t whether or not the MEK is killing Americans as a Saddam-supported terrorist organization, but rather the MEK’s overriding ambition to take over Iran for itself.

As far back as a year ago, Newsweek was reporting that in a replay of the debacle with Chalabi’s Iraqi National Congress and “Curveball”, Bush has been using information supplied by the MEK to support administration claims about Iran’s nuclear program, even though the MEK is on the State Department’s list of terrorist organizations. Rummy denied a year ago that he had plans to use the MEK in Iran, which has now turned out to be a lie. It is clear to some though that we have decided to adopt the “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” approach to the MEK, and at least use them as an intelligence asset inside Iran, even though we are therefore repeating the INC mistakes all over again, and are ignoring the warnings that the MEK 1) has a questionable record on providing accurate intelligence, and 2) has been infiltrated by Iranian intelligence itself.

And if that isn’t enough, the MEK participated in the suppression of the Kurds and Shiites while Saddam was in power. The new Iraqi government wanted them expelled from the country after Saddam was toppled, but we have refused to expel the MEK for now-obvious reasons.

Shouldn't Jane Harman and Jay Rockefeller demand to know how much of the administration's intelligence on Iran is coming from the MEK, so that we don't have a replay of the INC debacle? And doesn't the use of a terrorist organization in support of PNAC's foreign policy undermine our entire war on terror, and call into question everything this administration has said about 9/11?

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