Tuesday :: Apr 18, 2006

Where's The Democratic Leadership On Iran?

by Steve

As Security Council members failed to agree on how to proceed in dealing with Iran today, and as Bush rattled the saber some more, Raw Story amplifies my concerns from Sunday that the Democrats are adopting the ostrich approach once again. According to Raw Story, most Democrats avoid talking about Iran, and some stupidly assuage their concerns by saying incredibly that Bush would never win congressional approval for a strike against that country.

Jesus Christ morons, what makes you think that he would even ask Congress for such authority in the first place? Have the Democrats in congress learned nothing these last three years? If you are not speaking up now, laying down markers and putting the Administration on notice that this will not be a replay of Iraq, then the Democrats will get bitch-slapped again, plain and simple. It appears that only Jane Harman is speaking up about the questionable intelligence she has seen so far. Thankfully Representatives Dennis Kucinich and Peter DeFazio have written letters to Bush reminding him that he needs congressional authorization to start a war with Iran, but aside from these three, not one senator or member of the Senate or House Democratic leadership has been particularly visible on Iran.

I can understand a hesitancy to undercut Bush as he tries to threaten Iran into diplomacy, but that shouldn't stop Democrats from commenting publicly on the higher bar that the administration has to cross because of its lies about Iraq. And that shouldn't stop more Representatives and Senators from reminding Bush publicly that he doesn't have the authority to wage covert action inside Iran or move preemptively without congressional briefings and approvals.

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