Friday :: Apr 28, 2006

Public Knows They Haven’t Got the Story

by paradox

Check the Washington Post and The New York Times as of this moment on Friday night (8:45 Pacific) and one will not find any mention at all from two stories today that have sizzled across the internet all day: Karl Rove testified again, likely to face indictment sometime this year, and a burgeoning Republican Congressional sex scandal is starting to roil of out of the Cunningham affair.

What a surprise—these two items of news, which could be extremely damaging to Bush and the Republican party--are just glossed over as nothing, while if anything close to magnitude of these investigations where happening under Clinton or the Democrats both would be blared nonstop from every available media outlet in the country.

These omissions can join the list of so conveniently not reporting the NSA scandal for a year, totally ignoring a torrid press and sex scandal in Jeff Gannon, letting rank Bush video lies on NSA spying and New Orleans float away to nothing (Bill Clinton got crucified endlessly for lying about the harmless Monica), never explaining or retracting the lies of Judy Miller, completely ignoring the vast fiscal wreck the country is currently in, lying about Cheney getting booed at a baseball game…on and on, these incidents are simply ignored in the hope that the corporate masters of media will not get too angry by their journalistic stooges reporting the truth.

Glen Greenwald has an extremely interesting post up today about the phenomena of his book sales—on the first day being #1 on Amazon was simply considered the power of the blogosphere in action, but after four days and still at #1 Greenwald reaches a pertinent conclusion: these are extraordinary times of danger for the Republic and citizens are intuitively aware of this and reaching for the book for knowledge about what to know and do.

That’s certainly part of it, but I’d add the public also intuitively knows that the corporate media in the US, which has failed so horribly in the last ten years, is not to be trusted. After so much has gone wrong, with so many falsehoods spread in the media about the war, the public has begun to understand that they’ve been fooled and lied to too many times by the US journalism corps, and for once someone with real stature has put the story of what Bush has done to the Republic.

That’s a big reason Reynold’s book stays at #1: the US public knows they haven’t and won’t get the story unless they get the book. It simply won’t be found anywhere else.

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