Tuesday :: May 2, 2006

Open Thread - Crappy Polls For Karl Edition

by Steve

Two more polls, two more new lows for Bush. First, the newest CBS News poll has Bush down to 33%, and the new USA Today/Gallup poll has him down to 34%. This poll had a sample that contained 35% independents, 34% Democrats, and 30% Republicans.

In the CBS News poll, Bush’s support among Republicans is down to 68%. Worse yet for the GOP this fall, when asked which party would deal with high gas prices better, respondents in the CBS poll gave the Democrats the nod, by 27 points. The CBS poll had 37% independents and 35% Democrats in its weighted sample.

The most notable findings in the Gallup poll, aside from the lowest-ever approval rating for Bush, were:

•A majority (54%) of registered voters would vote for a Democrat this fall;

•When asked if they were more enthusiastic or less enthusiastic about voting this fall, 50% of Democrats polled are more enthusiastic about voting this fall, yet only 38% of Republicans said so;

•By a 51%-28% margin, respondents preferred the Democrats to deal with high gas prices.

OK, it’s your turn.

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