Tuesday :: May 2, 2006

Just How Did The Protests Affect You?

by pessimist

It isn't often that I agree with the LA blather-radio ditto-hosts, but May 1, 2006 will enter the archive as just such a day.

I can't of course speak for everyone here in SoCal, but I have to say that if the immigrants want to protest more often, I'm not going to complain. In fact, if it happens to be a work commute day, I would encourage them to do so!

The freeways were relatively sane for once, with no Rocket Jockeys trying to beat you out of that space in front of your car, no Kamikazes trying to push you off the road so that they can be where you are, no "trafic signals are for losers" scofflaws, and no left turns from the right lane (and vice-versa). There were even signs of that 'quaint' driver's courtesy your grandparents once told you about when you were a co-driver in a car seat. Nowhere did I encounter any inconvenience of any sort. On that basis, I would have to say that immigrants don't affect me dirctly very much - other than on the LA Freeways.

What was your experience?

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