Tuesday :: May 2, 2006

Don't Count On A New Iraqi Army

by Steve

Want to see another reason why the partition option in Iraq may be the only way forward? Sunni graduates of the military training academy rebelled at the news that upon their graduation they would not be serving in their home Sunni areas, and instead would be shipped out elsewhere in the country, breaking an agreement that local tribal leaders had worked out with the central government. It appears that the Sunnis, for good reason, would rather be a part of an Iraqi army if they are allowed to ensure security for their home provinces and cities, whereas the American commanders want to ship Sunnis to other areas to reduce the risk of insurgents infiltrating the new army.

So are the Americans demanding that Shiite graduates be sent to Sunni areas? More to the point, is a fully-integrated national army swearing its allegiance to a new Iraq possible in the aftermath of the recent sectarian violence, or should we just cut to the chase and allow the three major players to run their provinces consistent with a national constitution that contains basic rights, guaranteeing security and safety for all who live there without sectarian relocation?

This is what happens when you demand that the Iraqi Army be disbanded, without any clue about what will happen next. And this outcome is squarely Bush's responsibility, as he allowed Don Rumsfeld and Paul Bremer to blow this country up without adult supervision.

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