Saturday :: May 20, 2006

The DaVinci Decode

by pessimist

The Da Vinci Code opened this weekend despite all of the uproar caused by the Christians over its content. While they have had some success disrupting the showing of the movie in India, it is breaking box office records in Japan and in Italy (!) of all places.

There have been other movies which 'offended' the Christian churches in the past, but I can't recall one which has generated so much vituperative acrimony out of those who allegedly believe in turning the other cheek. There are seminars, lectures, even free DVDs (I have one) which 'expose' the fallacies and falsehoods in The Da Vinci Code. Christians are actively going around attempting to sway people away from going to see the movie.

Controlling what people see and hear is a blatant attempt at controlling what people think and believe, and is a common practice of both cults and totalitarian organizations. It's a more insidious version of the everyday advertising manipulation we all undergo daily no matter where we turn.

But unlike advertising, we don't go about promoting to others the values and standards we see in the ads as the Christians are now doing in opposition to this movie (which I haven't seen yet). One has to wonder why all the Christians are so defensive that someone might believe everything (or anything, for that matter) they might see in the movie, or read in the book. Could it be that there is something to the charges that Opus Dei is a cult?

This would explain why the Catholic Church opposes it, but how does that explain the rest of the Christian churches doing so also? If they are so sure of their faith, why should it matter to them about what others think or believe? What are they so afraid of? Why aren't they taking the typical (allegedly-)Christian Bu$hCo (mi$)Admini$tration approach to any issue for which negative questions are asked and just dismiss such 'wrong thinking' as irrelevant? Why the full court press to proslytize against what the critics dismiss as a weak drama?

The Belfast Telegraph calls it a movie of dubious merit and the National Secular Society of the UK calls it tripe. A random sampling of movie goers shows the usual standard deviation in their views of the movie. Some liked it, some not, some have been stimulated to think about the movie's plot elements, some dismiss it as 'mere entertainment'. The New York Times complained 'Da Vinci Code' Takes Longer to Watch Than Read. Los Angeles Times proclaims Media should stop and say, 'It's only a movie'.

I agree. Topics of great import will only be affected by change if change is called for. Those who truly believe would understand this.

What say you?

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