Monday :: May 22, 2006

Veterans Affairs Exposes 26 Million To Identity Theft

by Steve

Well, there goes the veterans’ vote this fall.

A computer disk with personal data of about 26.5 million U.S. veterans was stolen from the home of a Veterans Affairs analyst, the federal department said Monday.
Veterans Affairs Secretary James Nicholson said the stolen data included names, Social Security numbers, dates of birth and numerical disability ratings. However, he said that no medical records or financial information had been compromised.

OK, I'll bite. Why would any staffer at the VA have a need to put all 26 million records on a disc or computer and take it home? Who was he or she going to give it to?

In other words, there are now another 26 million candidates for identify theft, thanks to the Bush Administration’s incompetence.

The lawsuits should be interesting. If this had happened to a President Gore, how would the Mighty Wurlitzer respond? Do you think Fox will do much more on this story than a simple yawn?

Image courtesy of MSNBC

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