Tuesday :: May 23, 2006

New York Times: Political Porn for 2006!

by paradox

As we have been told ad nausea since childhood, the New York Times is the flagship print journalism entity in the country, by extension the big kahuna globally. Since print is much more serious than television the New York Times has always been projected, and certainly did not object, as the eminent lofty journalism platform in the world. The Times sets the standard and the tone for the pack, we’ve always been told.

If that’s indeed true then it’s no surprise how terrible political journalism is in the United States, for the New York Times went right to the gutter with a long page 1 story on the marriage of the Clintons this morning.

Geopolitical war, world history, US history, employment, health care, technology, computer science…out of all the rich, fascinating stories to choose from (not to mention urgent reality-based ones) the cretins at the Times chose a story nobody cares about and is nobody’s god damn business, the state of someone’s marriage.

All the quotes are anonymous—how is it the editors think so little of their readers as they build this massive pile of stinking horseshit right in front of them? Anonymous quotes about a marriage—now there’s a lofty perch of professionalism.

It’s always amusing to me, as an associate blogger and fierce media critic, that there’s an inherent assumption I loathe “tradional media” and believe blogging is where the real writing and reading takes place, or that more value and status should be placed upon blog writing.

Not true in the least: I will always gravitate to the best writing, reporting and commentary, wherever it is. Since the US journalism corps, the New York Times leading the way, has giggled itself into a sophomoric circle jerk of inane gossip and irrelevance, why, naturally I’m a loud blogger advocate. Since 2002 by far the best political writing and analysis has occurred in the blogosphere, so that’s what I cheer and read.

It really isn’t surprising the political blogoshpere has exploded; the US journalism corps is flat-out terrible, they’re plain easy to whip.

I’m very angry at the journalism corps for abdicating their duty, yes. But not all of them have, and lord knows this country needs a good journalism corps. This country wouldn’t be in half the incredible mess it’s in right now had they done their jobs in any half-ass fashion, but they keep up this marriage yap on page 1. Here’s the link to let them know how ridiculous this is and how serious the abdication of duty is. If enough of us let them know what offensive fuckups they are they might get the message and do their jobs. Hey, it could happen.

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