Thursday :: Jun 1, 2006

Worst. President. Ever.

by Steve

So much for the GOP capturing the youth vote, or anyone’s vote for that matter.

Strong Democratic sentiment pushes President George W. Bush to the top of the list when American voters pick the worst U.S. President in the last 61 years. Bush is named by 34 percent of voters, followed by Richard Nixon at 17 percent and Bill Clinton at 16 percent, according to a Quinnipiac University national poll released today. Leading the list for best President since 1945 is Ronald Reagan with 28 percent, and Clinton with 25 percent.

Ouch. I bet that leaves a mark with the cultists.

Among American voters 18 - 29 years old, Clinton leads the "best" list with 40 percent.
Among young voters, 42 percent list Bush as worst.

Ouch again.

This was a poll of registered voters, not just the American public. Only 3% of the independents thought W was the best president of the last 61 years, and only 8% of the Republicans thought so. Clinton was rated the best president by 40% of the 18-29 year-old voters, with Kennedy coming in second at 19% of that group. W didn’t crack 4% in any age group. Bush took the top spot among all respondents, young voters, and among independents as worst president of the last 61 years.

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