Wednesday :: Jun 14, 2006

Beltway Disappointments

by Steve

You will recall that I posted a piece last week at the conclusion of the YearlyKos that questioned whether a good opportunity was missed in trying to bring the various elements of the party together to work towards getting more Democrats elected this fall. I opined that more work needed to be done in the center-left blogosphere within the current system and within the current party structure to get Democrats elected, and stated that I wish more work was done in this area than in bagging Joe Lieberman or bashing the media.

I said that because I have been working quietly for awhile now at trying to get some in the Beltway to work with the center-left blogs on winning elections rather than treating us as “crazy relatives.” But to be fair, I was being presumptuous. Many of us get into blogging not to solely be part of the party machinery, but to develop as an alternate media and political movement. Just because I place a higher priority on winning elections than perhaps other center-left bloggers doesn’t make me right for overdoing the internal politics, or them wrong for bagging journalists and Joe Lieberman. In fact, center-left blogs should be doing all sorts of things, if for no other reason than to move the party and the media to more accountability, and to change the balance of power. If that means going after the media for biased pro-Bush coverage and thrashing the Beltway Democrats for pissing away opportunities and ignoring the gathering storm outside of Washington, then so be it.

That was my goal when I started this blog, to comment on all these things and see if the center-left blogosphere could push the party and the media to a better place. For a while recently, I was hoping that working within the party had a chance to succeed, that working with selected reporters to show them that we should be taken seriously, and that we are not crazies was worth the effort. Frankly, I have also been less enthusiastic than others at going after Joe Lieberman because I still have a problem going after fellow Democrats when we need to win so many races. While my discussions with some members of the media are still ongoing and will remain private, I have grown less and less convinced over the last several days that working within the party can yield benefits.

The latest reminder that I need to go back to my roots and continue attacking the party and the Beltway Democrats when necessary came today, when Kos reported that Chuck Schumer is making noises that he and the DSCC may support Joe Lieberman as an independent if Ned Lamont gets the nomination in August. You read that right. This comes at a time when it is possible that Lamont has pulled to within striking distance of Lieberman, after trailing by significant double-digits.

We hold the Beltway Democrats accountable because someone needs to. We pick our spots like Lamont, Jon Tester, and others because we do not have the means yet to mount full-scale assaults on Beltway losers and must demonstrate that they can be beaten. So although in my perfect world I would prefer that we all work together towards the same goal, and that the media and the Beltway Democrats would respect accountability and the truth as well as the blogs, this is admittedly Pollyanna on my part. The blogs should keep on the warpath and pick their battles, and collect some scalps along the way.

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