Thursday :: Jun 15, 2006

Open Thread

by Mary

One of the contacts I made in Vegas was with the Sunlight Foundation. They've got an assignment for us to find the earmarks which we should be getting to.

Given the thousands of earmarks--that is, federal tax money directed to a pet project by a single lawmaker--that now populate our appropriations bills (more than 15,000 in this Congress alone, according to the Congressional Research Service), no single news organization has the resources to determine the worthiness of every project. But those of you on the ground in districts around the country--who know your local area and its needs--are in a position to collectively evaluate all those earmarks, to separate the good from the bad, and to hold your elected representatives accountable for what they do in Washington.

It's not hard to find most earmarks--many members of Congress take great pians to advertise them.

...So what are your members of Congress up to? What projects are they touting in press releases? What bacon are they bringing home? And is it bacon, or is it pork to feed the state's special interests?

K? It's your turn now.

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