Thursday :: Jun 15, 2006

Arlen Specter's Big Lie

by Mary

Glenn Greenwald posted Sunday that he thought Arlen Specter's very public disavowal of the story that his bill would "retrofit" the FISA act to provide immunity for the FISA law breakers must have meant that WaPo got the story wrong. But today, Glenn has gotten a hold of a copy of Specter's marked up bill and surprise, surprise, it seems that not only was amnesty written into the bill, but also the bill states that anyone spying on Americans with the President's say-so would be deemed to be acting within the law. Senator Specter sure likes to proclaim his love of the constitution, but he's willing to give a pass to the President in this case, and then is brazen enough to proclaim that he wouldn't do that. What a wanker.

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