Wednesday :: Jun 28, 2006

Supremes Find Part Of DeLay's Redistricting Was Racial Gerrymandering

by Steve

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Yes, the Supreme Court tossed out part of Tom DeLay’s Texas gerrymander today, deciding that DeLay’s redrawing of several districts failed to protect Hispanic voting rights under the Voting Rights Act, and was an illegal racial gerrymander. Such a ruling will call into question several GOP gerrymanders in other states. But the court will leave in place much of DeLay’s work, and said incredibly that it is OK for states to redraw their lines as often as they want, whenever political power shifts in a state. This sounds once again like the usual “states-rights” affirmation from the Supremes, which didn’t feel that way when it came to Bush v. Gore.

The only upside to this ruling, aside from a couple of redrawn Texas districts that may swing to Democrats by 2008, are that 1) Democrats can now challenge GOP re-maps in other states if they can show similar racial gerrymanders; and 2) if the court says that states can redraw the maps whenever power shifts and not have to wait every ten years, then Democrats can do the same wherever they take control.

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