Friday :: Jun 30, 2006

Open Media Thread

by pessimist

Is there a crack in the So-Called Liberal Media that you could drive an Abrams tank through? Keith Olberman stated recently that "The attempt to Swift-Boat Pennsylvania Congressman and honored Vietnam Vet Jack Murtha has not only failed… but the boat was swamped and the malefactors washed overboard." [Windows video here]

Olberman pops the South Florida Sun Sentinel for misquoting Murtha, which after Drudge posted it, became The Deevinelee Reeveeled Trooth for all of the wrong-wing blogs who ran with it like it was another John Kerry slap.

The interesting part, however, is how quickly the effort fell apart after another Florida paper could be cited as having the correct quote.

Would that this happened in August of 2004!

What say you - on this, or any other topic near and dear to your political agenda?

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