Wednesday :: Jul 5, 2006

Bush Flip-Flops On Immigration, Panders To His Base

by Steve

Looks like Bush is about to flip-flop on immigration, and abandon his promises to Latinos for a comprehensive solution that provides a guest worker and earned citizenship program. Notwithstanding his failure today to demand a comprehensive approach from his own party, yesterday’s NYT reports that Bush is edging closer to the far right House GOP approach of a security-only bill. This would hold off any guest-worker and earned citizenship programs for at least two years, or in other words until Bush is gone, a move that could be DOA in the Senate.

In doing so, Bush has lost control of his own party and is pandering to his base, abandoning his commitment to Latinos, angering the Catholic Church and other faith groups, and scuttling any chance of a bill getting past the Senate this year, where Arlen “Single Bullet” Specter has now started his own hearings to blunt the House GOP charade. It will also hang out to dry John McCain and hand a victory to the Democrats in swing districts where Latino voters may make a difference.

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