Wednesday :: Jul 5, 2006

Splitting The At 'Em

by pessimist

As long term readers know, I've been advocating the need for a real third party in this nation's politics. Many pundits far wiser than I have suggested that the likeliest way this would come about would be for one of the major parties to split in two. Recent events are indicating that it is the Democratic Party which is rending asunder, but I suspect we will see a similar split in the GOP once the Democratic split is done.

But first, the Democrats' split. It all began with Joe Lieberman deciding he's more important than the will of the voters of Connecticut. "Go ahead, toss me aside like a used Bu$hCo rag! I'll run anyway!"

The Democratic Party leadership views this arrogant position of Joe's as an Ultimate Act of Betrayal (as would the Republicans should one of theirs misbehave. Remember what they did to Jim Jeffords?)

The Party leadership aren't the only ones who feel strongly about Lieberman.

The New Haven Independent said:

It was a striking symbol of how political tides have turned in Connecticut and of a downward trajectory in Lieberman's own career.

The Republican candidate is drooling over the possibility of a three-way race, especially if Joe cannot use the term 'Democrat' as his political label because it would violate Connecticut law.

But this doesn't make Joe necessarily weak. Despite Hillary's rejection of an independent run for the Senate, other Democrats have publicly announced their support of Lieberman. As paradox points out below, Barbara Boxer will back Joe - at least through the primary. In addition, Sleepy Joe Biden will as well.

Worse - Colorado's Ken Salazar has announced he'll support Joe before the primary, and will campaign for him even as an independent.

It's enough to make people like Robert Scheer ask: Will The Real Democrats Please Stand Up?

I have to say that I would welcome this sort of fracturing if it were happening across both major parties, but somehow I suspect that with Tom DeLay's recent move to Virginia, he's not out of the Republican picture - he may not currently be in office, he may not be the Majority Whip, but he still has all of the blackmail photos. And he's just a telephone call away!

I applauded Jeffords when he left the GOP, and in some ways, I have to admire Joe for wanting to run without party affiliation as well. But if he does, he has to abandon all claims of being a Democrat. He's either in the party and accepts the mandate of the primary vote, or he has no party connections and stands like a real man on his own two cement-encased feet. Unlike his past behavior, he can't have it both ways this time.

Fish or cut bait, Joe!

It's the same with Salazar. If he wants to split from the party to run with Lieberman, more power to him! He'd be like Jerry Maguire's secretary, the one who bolts with him when he's fired even though there is no definite future in doing so.

To both I say - show us the courage of your convictions! Show pansies like Lincoln Chaffey and Olympia Snowe and Susan Collins, and maybe a few others, that there is someplace to go and a group to welcome you when you arrive. You might see if Warren Buffett would be interested in bankrolling your operation since Hillary and McCain seem to have Rupert Murdoch's brass in their pockets. Maybe Bill Gates would like to keep the world out of a war and buying his Windows crap instead.

I don't know who, but you guys need someone as a deep pocket. Without that someone, all the courage of your convictions (and I say this even though I oppose your positions, Joe) will make you an admirable example (that's ADMIRABLE, Joe - not ADMIRAL !), but still an abject failure in the end.

Joe, you are old enough to remember a band called Moby Grape. They only put out one album, and then disappeared from the scene faster than a New York Needle passed around at Woodstock. They played Ahmet Ertigun of Atlantic Records against another offer they had, Ahmet said to himself "I'm loaded. I can afford to toy with these guys and show them who's really in charge." He "let" them talk him into releasing all twelve tracks of their first album as singles - a very expensive proposition even for the well-established acts. The kicker is - he released them all at once, and they all flopped. Album sales never took off, and then Ahmet presented them with the bill.

No More Moby Grape.

You should also remember Grand Funk Railroad, Joe! They though they could take Terry Knight, the guy who made them stars. When he was done with them, he made them SEE stars - and the end of their careers!

A similar fate befell the Bee Gees when they got too big for their album covers.

This is what is going to happen to you, Joe, if you don't find a sugar daddy. He'll be expensive, but then, you are already used to selling yourself and your votes, aren't you? He'll protect you from all those mean Democrats, and all those nasty liberal bloggers!

Just be sure that you aren't jumping from the frying pan into the conflagration. You know what remains when it's all over.

And that goes for everyone you are taking with you.

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