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by pessimist

Want to know when you have made the Big Time? It's when people begin to try to knock you down for being there!

It is a given that when a person or group achieves a measure of success and insularity from competition, it gains certain advantages. And when it becomes complacent, loses them again (see: Joe Lieberman). Only then does the formerly-advantaged entity rise to its own defense as it realizes the viability of the ongoing threat to its fading advantages, and extremism against its enemies rises high on the defensive tactic list. (see: Abu Ghraib)

Bloggers have gotten a great deal of attention of late, and for good reason: we have taken over the function of a free media from those professionals whose livelihood depends on the largesse of corporate interests. They thus are economically muzzled. (see: Paul Gigot)

We bloggers (most of us unpaid volunteers) are the ones pointing out that Emperor George's wardrobe has certain obvious shortcomings, and some of the voting populace are beginning to take notice - despite the Herculean distraction efforts of the (mis)Administration.

But what is one to think when the nominal opponents of the advantaged join in the fight - against the newcomers? Do they think they will gain some measure of respect or favor from the abusive elites they service through their lazy short-sightedness?

Republican Party, Democratic Party, and DLC's All Out Assault on the Blogosphere
A. Alexander, July 11th, 2006

As expected and as Rove signaled, the right-wing media attack machine and associated propagandists have put bloggers square in their sites. In an attempt to discredit the blogosphere, the GOP has begun lobbing their usual disinformation scare-bombs toward the American citizenry.
What wasn't fully expected, however,
was the vicious manner in which the Democratic Party
and its lonely pundit, Ed Schultz,
have assailed the blogosphere.
Today, the blogosphere's combined audience exceeds that of the right-wing media and, some claim, the sum-total of the mainstream media's news programming. That is a powerful sphere of influence.

And our wrong-winger friends insisted it couldn't be done!

[I]t is hard to ignore the realities that easily lead to the conclusions. [A]s the importance and visitation rates increased in the blogosphere, right-wing media like FOX News, Rush Limbaugh, and Bill O'Reilly's audiences have declined. Those two facts alone indicate an undeniable blog influence over political perceptions and the right-wing media's inability to maintain their audience.

Republicans had completely cowed and pigeonholed the entire Democratic Party. And the Republican media headed by FOX News and anchored by Rush Limbaugh had free reign to say and do whatever they wished, and the mainstream media never questioned or called BS on their antics.

Suddenly the blogosphere began recording, highlighting, and holding up for all to see the many times in any given program that Limbaugh and FOX News were "massaging" the facts or outright lying. Unexpected by Rove, Bush and Republicans the GOP media suddenly had an effective and tough entity dedicated not only to highlighting their many transgressions but, too, able to rapidly counter their disinformation. [T]he blogosphere has EARNED the fear-based wrath of Rove and the entire GOP media attack machine, a recognition in status that bloggers, who aren't afraid to stand and fight, wear as a badge of honor.

But why have the Democrats joined in on the blog-bashing? Why are the Democratic Leadership Council's (DLC) lone talking head, Ed Schultz, and the Democratic Party establishment, choosing to join the fight?

[T]he powerful, moneyed, and privileged Republican and Democratic Parties
are losing control of the people and they don't like it.
What Republicans, inside-the-beltway Democrats, and the DLC realize is that they are all losing to the blogosphere -- to the American people themselves -- the ability to dictate and control the political process.

Inside-the-beltway consultant-class Democrats and the DLC have joined the battle against the blogs because the blogosphere has, in their minds anyway, "unfairly" ganged up on their insider buddy, Joe Lieberman. Lieberman is exactly the sort of Republican-lite wannabe candidate that both the beltway Dems and the DLC prefer.

Rather than engaging in the much needed and honorable struggle to change the stygian path upon which the Republican political machine has placed the nation, rather than figuring out how to persuade Americans of a better way, they have simply decided to be a somewhat "kinder and gentler" version of the Republican Party ... with a tiny social conscience.

Surely, they can't believe their non-plan and non-message
is responsible for the sudden sea change in American political leanings.
For beltway Democrats and the DLC, the blogosphere threatens to undo their pathetic little "third way" scheme - which is really nothing more than Republican Version 1.1. Calling Joe Lieberman the wannabe Republican that he is ([and] who also happens to be the exact image of the Party that inside-the-beltway Democrats and the DLC hope to cultivate) has upset the establishment.

As if they were so effective!

[B]eltway Democrats and the DLC
tried one failed consultant plan after another,
lost one election after another,
and lost the hearts and minds of the American people...

[T]he blogosphere decided to chart a course based on their convictions ... to fight for the hearts and minds of the American people. Rather than simply accept the perverted Republican version of America, the blogosphere has busied itself, besides countering the Republican lie machine, helping change the way Americans perceive their political reality.

While beltway Democrats and the DLC sat around too afraid to confront the Republican slander and lie machine, the bloggers decided to hit back and hit back hard. While beltway Democrats and the DLC decided to simply co-opt stygian and pathetic Republican politics, the blogosphere decided to stand and fight for what they believed to be right.

Just know this consultant-class Democrats and DLC:
the blogosphere is a better ally than foe and a lot more loyal and important to the Democratic Party
than Joe Lieberman will ever be - think about that before you all continue.
Here is the one thing neither Rove, Republicans, their GOP media attack machine, nor inside-the-beltway Democrats and the DLC understand: bloggers don't mind putting skin in the game. They'll fight for what they think is right and they won't back down.

[The political elites] all have skin in the game too, but it isn't about what is right for America and Her people. For them it is all about power, corporations, lobbyists, and one day cashing in on their political influence and going to work for the over-valued CEO salary.

So go ahead Rove, Republicans, right-wing media attack machine, Schumer, Lieberman, the DLC - and yes, you too Ed Schultz. [I]f it is a fight you folks want, then let's have that fight! If it is a fight over ideas and ideals you seek, if any of you have an idea or an ideal, let's have that political fight. We know what we stand for, so lets hear your beliefs! And if you want to take this into the mud, the blogosphere can hit harder, throw more punches, and sustain the contest longer through our sheer overwhelming strength of diverse perspectives. Whatever way you want to play this and however you choose to engage, lets just do it! You want a fight, lets fight!

For the blogosphere, this entire fight is about America
and one day achieving Her great potential
for what is right, good, and decent.
We are the children of Washington, Jefferson, Paine, Franklin, Adams, Madison, Franklin D. Roosevelt, John Kennedy, Robert Kennedy, and Martin Luther King Jr. What is more and unlike Democrats and the DLC, bloggers don't see any reason to apologize for that. This is the new American Revolution! Truth be told, [the political elites] know that, and that is why they are all attacking the blogosphere.
Ultimately, they all -- Democratic and Republican Party alike -- fear "We the People".

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