Thursday :: Jul 13, 2006

Democrats Overcome GOP Amendments To Pass Voting Rights Act Extension

by Steve

Democrats scored a major victory in the House this afternoon when they pushed back and defeated several "cracker" amendments to weaken the 1965 Voting Rights Act. By a large margin, the House decided to allow the Act to be extended for 25 years rather than the ten-year extension called for by southern GOP conservatives. And by a smaller margin, the House also defeated an amendment that would have removed requirements for multilingual ballots in districts with a high level of non English-speaking voters.

After the crackers lost these votes, most of them caved and allowed the Voting Rights Act extension to pass by 390-33 and go on to the Senate. Note the White House's lame support of the "intent" of the extension, but they can't bring themselves to support the extension itself. They don't want to piss off that cracker base. I suspect that Rahm Emanuel can use that in swing districts this fall.

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