Thursday :: Jul 20, 2006

Ripping At The Seams

by pessimist

It's looking like the wheels are coming off the GOP bandwagon, and the vote thieves at Diebold, Sequioa, and ES&S are going to be very busy this fall, based on the recent primary elections all across the nation (even in Red States!) and certain comments issued by opportunistic Republican candidates.

To begin with, briefly: Ralph Reed lost! There really is a God, Ralphie-boy - and you've pissed Her off!

If it's true, as Mary points out, that John McCain had something to do with this, he's not in good with The Goddess either! According to Gallup, 4 in 10 Republicans Find McCain 'Unacceptable'. All that sucking up to Rupert Murdoch isn't going to help him - or Hillary - very much. He'll be too busy 'advising' Tony Blair's and John Howard's governments on how to run things.

As for King George, he should remember not to get the Chicago Tribune upset. Once they came out against Nixon, for example, it was all over for the Tricky Dick!

Opportunist extraordinaire John Thune - who needed every ounce of help that the RNC could muster to defeat DINO Tom Daschle - now says "if he were running this year, he'd distance himself from President Bush and his agenda". Things must not be going well for Thune if he's got to position himself FOUR YEARS before he runs again!

Speaking of DINOs, Joe Lieberman has company - Ben Nelson of Nebraska - the only Democrat to vote with King George's minions against stem cell research.

The good news in all of this is that Red State Alabama elected an open lesbian to serve in the State Legislature

“From big cities to small towns, from blue states to red states — equality is winning,” said Human Rights Campaign President Joe Solmonese. “We were proud to join the efforts of Equality Alabama and the Victory Fund in helping fair-minded voters get out to the ballot box.
Representative Todd was supported by an intense ground effort
that involved a broad group of supporters.”

Yep! Diebold, Sequioa, and ES&S are going to be very busy this fall - VERY busy. The time to head them off is NOW!

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