Tuesday :: Jul 25, 2006

Rasmussen Says Bush Dropped Five Points Overnight

by Steve

Based on a tip from commenter Tano, I checked the Rasmussen website this morning in the aftermath of the Gallup poll showing a three-point drop for Bush in the last two weeks. Sure enough, as Tano said, Scott Rasmussen is reporting this morning that in his three-day rolling average poll on Bush’s approval rating, Bush has fallen five points overnight from 42% down to 37%. Rasmussen indicates that Bush’s stem cell veto last week is just now making its way into the electorate’s consciousness, a decision that Rasmussen finds is supported by only 26% of the electorate. If this is correct, and as Tano notes, it is possible that both Gallup and Rasmussen are the canary in the coal mines of Bush’s soon-to-be-falling-again approval ratings.

Yes, Bush isn’t on the ballot this fall, vulnerable GOP incumbents are. But those GOP incumbents will have to defend Bush and their own record on Iraq, gas prices, the stem cell decision, immigration proposals that go too far, and the deteriorating situation in the Middle East. Democrats must hammer over and over again the need to replace a rubber-stamp Congress with one that will be a check and balance to a failing administration. Hell, even the White House seems to sense that they are in danger of losing the House, and their Senate challengers don’t even want to be seen with Bush.

This is all bad enough, but things will start changing for the worse when the chattering classes begin to publicly acknowledge that the wheels have come off, that we have screwed up overseas, and that the only way to fix it is for the Congress to change hands and demand a new direction. Well, guess who did exactly that today?


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