Wednesday :: Jul 26, 2006

Cheney Is Ready To Roll Through Condi Into Damascus And Tehran

by Steve

Well, here is your latest installment from the “Most Dangerous Foreign Policy Team Ever.”

Ken Silverstein of Harper’s Magazine reports today that despite Condi’s public claims to the contrary, the Bush Administration is actively considering using thousands of American troops for the multinational force in southern Lebanon, over the objections of the Pentagon brass. This is how it works in Bush’s Washington: you jettison active engagement in a region, and when it goes to hell, your fascist cabal uses the military like toy Army pieces to carry out their implausible fantasies. To insert US ground forces into southern Lebanon just because the PNAC cabal thinks it is a great stage-setter for going after Syria at a time when we don’t have enough troops to even get out of Iraq is beyond the pale for even this crew.

But wait. It all becomes clear now. We set up military bases in southern Lebanon to go after Syria as the perfect midterm election distraction, and then pivot from that to the real deal: a post-election attack against Iran. James Bamford in Rolling Stone magazine reports, and Sam Gardiner has confirmed, that there seems to be active planning by the Administration for an attack against Iran after the midterm elections. And if any of us still think that this campaign against Lebanon by Israel is over the kidnapping of their two soldiers, we (including me) are wrong. This appears to have been the plan since at least last year. The question is whether or not the Pentagon brass will stand up to Rummy and Cheney over this suicidal insertion of American ground forces into Hezbollah territory and an attack against Iran with 130,000 targets still tied down inside Iraq.

But to do these things, it appears that the Rummy and Cheney cabal want Condi out of the way. In what is clearly a frontal swipe at Bush to let him know who is in charge, Cheney’s kitchen cabinet of the usual suspects has started a campaign against Rice’s handling of foreign policy. This will get messy real soon, as W has his Veep and SecDef openly giving him and his personally selected Secretary of State the finger. Somewhere, Colin Powell is laughing his ass off now. The story in Insight magazine predicts that Condi’s approach and stewardship will be scuttled in the coming months, just in time for the PNAC plans to be implemented.

There's a C-Note from me to any 2008 Democratic candidate that will start beating the drum that a dangerous cabal has taken over this country's foreign policy.

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