Thursday :: Jul 27, 2006

With 40 GOP Seats In Play This Fall, 56% Support Iraq Withdrawal Timeline

by Steve

Some poll-related news again this afternoon. First, an NPR poll of the 50 most competitive House districts this fall finds that the GOP is defending 40 of them, with the Democrats defending only 10 of them. Yes, the GOP has a money advantage at the national party committee level, and a superior GOTV effort so that they can localize each race as much as possible. But the DCCC is running even with the NRCC in fundraising, the national NRCC chairman doesn’t even want folks to know he is a Republican, and the question remains whether or not the GOP will be successful in preventing this election from being a referendum on a rubber-stamp Congress.

Along those lines, note that 56% of the public in a GOP-heavy poll supports an Iraq withdrawal timeline, according to the latest New York Times/CBS News poll. Of course, the White House and congressional GOP are totally against even discussing a timeline, so the Democrats have fertile ground to nationalize this election on what is the best course forward in Iraq. The poll also found that respondents said by a 2-1 margin that leaders around the world don’t have respect for Bush. The irony in this NYT poll is that it contains the highest number of Republicans (31%) in its sample in almost eighteen months, and a small 2-point advantage for the Democrats, so Bush’s supposed 36% approval rating in this poll is questionable.

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