Thursday :: Jul 27, 2006

At Least Condi Can Do One Thing Well

by Steve

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We live in very interesting times. Days after she successfully accomplished nothing on behalf of Israel to stop the carnage in Lebanon, Condi Rice travels to the Islamic world and shows an international body her real priorities by dressing up and playing a serious piano recital. I’m sure this went over well in the Middle East. But a better question is this: what the hell is Karen Hughes doing at State to help improve our image in the Middle East when she allows her boss to potentially become video fodder for Jon Stewart against a backdrop of Lebanon being blown apart?

Days after Bill Clinton stood next to Joe Leaverman and he and Hillary expressed their support for his reelection, the Big Dog came out yesterday and told Israel that their Lebanese campaign is disproportionate and a cease-fire is necessary to stop the killing. What will the Big Dog do when Joe sticks it to Clinton and continues to side with letting Israel do whatever it wants for as long as it wants?

For that matter, what will Clinton do when Lieberman votes to confirm John Bolton at the UN? Because if Lincoln Chafee, facing a difficult reelection this fall, can go after Bolton today, then what will Joe do?

Bush, on cue, continued the “Blame Iran for this, not Israel” narrative today, while Al Qaeda called for a worldwide war against Israel, seizing the opportunity to fire up more recruits thanks to Israel's overreaction.

And while Bush continues his Rhinestone Cowboy impersonation, guess who ignored the Administration’s warning to stay out of Venezuela, and signed a deal to sell weapons in our backyard to Hugo Chavez anyway?

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