Saturday :: Jul 29, 2006

Weekend Reads in the Blogosphere

by eriposte

It's getting increasingly difficult to find time to blog these days. So what little time I have is devoted to catching up on interesting posts around the blogosphere.

Read jsw's superb California political news and polls roundup at Calitics.

Mr. Not-so-straight-talk John McCain, one of the strongest enablers of George Bush, continues his recent flip-flop trend of flushing his so-called "principles" down the toilet as he prepares to run for President.

Emily Bazelon at Slate, who was the first journalist to break the story of how Republican Senators Jon Kyl (R-Corruption) and Lindsey Graham (R-Corruption) attempted to deliberately defraud the United States goes back to the story again to swat down right-wing myth creation from Notional Review about the entire un-American episode - and she addresses the baseless charges leveled by NRO against Justice John Paul Stevens.

How is the disinformation campaign about global warming being financed? Tim Lambert at Deltoid has some comments and links.

Emptywheel has commented that the Bush administration:

...back in the summer and October 2002 [] hid information of a real nuclear threat, for fear it would derail his plans to go to war in Iraq.


Both with the exaggerations it told claiming Iraq had nukes, and in the secrets it kept about North Korea's nuclear program, the Bush Administration willfully misrepresented the status of nuclear threats around the world so it could have the war it wanted.

Is it any wonder, then, that the Bush Administration didn't reveal Pakistan's plans (discussed here yesterday) to expand its nuclear program, even as it approved the sale of F-16s to Pakistan and presses Congress to pass the Indian nuclear deal?

Let's add this from Laura Rozen:

More on the administration allegedly delaying giving information to Congress, this time on Indian companies selling missile technology to Iran, from the Post today: "....But Democratic lawmakers accused the White House of deliberately concealing the information until the House voted Wednesday overwhelmingly in favor of the U.S. plan to supply India, for the first time, with sensitive nuclear technologies."

Talking of the ongoing criminal incompetence of Bush+Condi+their neocons, take a look at this post by a, shall we say, former neocon.

De Gondi at European Tribune brings the shocking news that Adamo Bove, the "top investigator" in the Abu Omar kidnapping/rendition case in Italy - was found dead. He is alleged to have jumped off from a highway overpass.

Finally, coming sometime soon to a theatre near you - The U.S. v. John Lennon. Howie Kurtz Klein has some comments on it. (corrected, ouch!)

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