Wednesday :: Aug 2, 2006

Iraqis Want Us To Step Back By 2007

by Steve

I’ll ask this again. The Iraqis are now saying that they will take over security responsibility from us by the end of 2006. That makes it pretty clear that they want us to step backwards into a supporting role not next year or in 2008, but by January. So why can’t the Democrats force a vote before the midterms on a “no permanent bases; no permanent troops” resolution to force vulnerable GOP incumbents to vote against it?

It’s not like the Iraqis will want us to stay around much longer after it is revealed that the Pentagon’s own inquiry will find that Marines murdered innocent Iraqi civilians in Haditha, and covered it up, only to see that the vaunted 101st Airborne gave orders to kill military-age Iraqi males in northern Iraq months later just this past May.

And isn’t it interesting that the story about the Pentagon’s findings surrounding the Haditha killings leaked a day after a Marine filed a defamation suit against John Murtha yesterday for Murtha’s earlier allegations against the Marines in the Haditha killings? Why, if you didn’t know better, you would think that someone inside the Pentagon is helping Murtha nip this defamation suit in the bud by leaking the findings of the Pentagon’s own inquiry the very next day after the suit was filed.

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