Wednesday :: Aug 2, 2006

Repudiation for the mis-informed

by Duckman GR

The other day Big Eddie, Ed Schultz, was going on about all the hate mail he’s getting because he's supporting Israel in her strikes against Lebanon and Hezbolla, two different entities that the Israeli's can't seem to differentiate between. Here's a clue, the ones shooting rockets are Hezbollah, the one's hiding in buildings are Lebanese. Hezbollah doesn't own power stations or bridges, the Lebanese do. And as an aside, has it ever occured to Israeli leaders to work with the Lebanese government to put a clamp on Hezbollah, as opposed to bombing the crap out of the country?

Anyway, he was chattering away in defense of his position, parroting gop talking points to some extent, reminding me of some of our troll comments along the lines of if he doesn’t hate bush he’s not worthy of the left, and completely missing the point, just like those who mis-categorize the support Ned Lamont has gotten and joe lieberman has not gotten as some sort of purity test for Democrats.

Wrong all the way around, quislingistas to America and Democracy and the Constitution! It’s not the person we hate, nor blind obesience to “the Party” we require. It’s what they do, and their enabling of those acts that causes the greatest disturbance.

Bush, I don’t know the man, don’t want to know the man, don’t need to know the man, to know what sort of character he possesses, or lacks, as it’s amply DEMONSTRATED by his actions. Same for joementum. And that’s what folks like Ed miss, it’s not some visceral hatred for the personality, any more than the meaning of the horserace coverage gives meaning to the political, and ultimately and rightly, the social consequences of the Lamont-lieberman primary. How does the race for the World Series, the Yellow Jersey, the bloody World Cup impact the lives of people and their futures, I ask you? Does it put food on the table, earn a college degree, save a life?

Well, sure, if you bet on the race or the stock of the sponsors, but those are individuals, not society, and if Sierra Leone resumes their civil war as soon as the World Cup ends, again, what impact has there been in the coverage of the event, sans substance and deeper meaning?

But I seem to have digressed slightly. It’s time that Ed recognizes the truth here. Bush isn’t right on anything, even if his policy, yeah, that’s a joke, his policy seems to aim at the right course. Aiding perceived successes of this mal-administration only makes it harder to get rid of him and his whole misbegotten, illinformed, illeducated, lucre lusting, crowd of sociopaths. The only response acceptable is unrelenting criticism of this illegal and devastating war, replete with the current “I effing told you so” example of it’s negative consequences as it manifests itself in Lebanon; and never-ending pressure to do the right policies for this country.

And if the enablers, however well meaning (Ed) or not (joe) get tomatoes and insults and actions flung against them, lo ciento pobre cito, lo ciento.

It’s not enough to win the Congress and the White House, win that horserace to collect that big Vegas payoff (or its political version, the K-St Earmark payoff), no, not nearly enough. Because georgie and billy and denny and tommy and DICK have violated so many precepts of decency and fairness and reasonableness, have so threatened the future of this country and the world with their greed and PudNacking stupidity, that what they have wrought must be undone, not just stopped, but reversed. You can’t bury the damn ring deeply enough, can’t hide it cleverly enough, can’t send it far enough away to undo what these short sighted, short statured, cowards have done.

I know, we can’t stuff the poor Jinn back in his bottle, we can’t resurrect the Greatest Generation to carry forth the banner of peace loving American Excellence, can’t rebuild the image of the Noble American, but we can begin the peace process in the Middle East, from the depths of the GBFing hole bush and DICK and rice have dug, by extracting our military from the region, and by ending our dependence on their oil.

Think of the opportunities that abound for those who invest in getting off the foul, choking fumes of oil, who see the huge potential of the Chinese and Indian markets for combustion engine alternatives, and homegrown fuels. Isn't that what toby's precious "free" market is supposed to do, anyway?

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