Sunday :: Aug 6, 2006

Bush Wants To Federalize The Guard

by Steve

AOL Online Poll Results
4 PM Pacific

What do you think of President Bush's National Guard Plan?

I oppose it: 75%
I support it: 18%
I'm not sure: 7%

Total Votes: 164,811

Is there anyone else out there who is concerned about what the White House and House GOP want from the nation’s governors? It appears that the White House wants the authority to call up each state’s National Guard without the approval of the governor, in the event of any “serious natural or manmade disaster, accident, or catastrophe.” Thankfully, there is bipartisan opposition within the National Governor’s Association to this federalization of the Guard, since there isn’t evidence that the lack of such authority was the reason why Bush and FEMA dropped the ball in responding to Katrina. And I don’t think the Senate would approve such a federalization if the nation’s governors were against it.

But the idea that Bush could call up the Guard whenever he saw fit has many ominous overtones to it, at a time when there aren’t enough soldiers in Iraq to get our existing forces out safely, or to launch a ground offensive into Syria or Iran. And the idea that Bush could call up the Guard in the event of a catastrophe or disaster here at home, in advance of an election, is a good reason by itself to oppose this measure, given the lengths this cabal have gone to mislead the public and manage an ongoing disinformation campaign here at home.

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