Monday :: Aug 7, 2006

Will Lieberman's "I'm A Victim" Defense Work Tomorrow?

by Steve

As the Lieberman-Lamont race winds down to tomorrow’s primary, a late Quinnipiac poll shows that Lieberman has closed the gap with Lamont to only six points, 51%-46%. Lieberman has brought in a variety of supporters, ranging from Max Cleland to Eleanor Holmes Norton to vouch for him, while pathetically portraying himself as a victim of smears similar to what Bill Frist and Saxby Chambliss did to Cleland in his 2002 race. Since I don’t recall Lamont comparing Lieberman to Osama Bin Laden, it is clear that Lieberman’s taste for Rovian hyperbole is intact.

Note the ridiculous excuse Joe gave for his earlier admonition against criticizing Bush during “war” time:

Lieberman also sought to clarify a December comment in which he appeared to upbraid Democrats for criticizing Bush, saying that "in matters of war, we undermine presidential credibility at our nation's peril." On Sunday he said the words were meant not to stifle criticism but to warn against the kind of partisan exploitation that he said Republicans had used against Cleland.

In other words, Joe was arguing for Democrats to unilaterally disarm themselves and not engage in partisan warfare as the GOP does, which is a recipe for political emasculation that could have been written by Karl Rove.

Nonetheless, if this Q-poll is correct, Lieberman may yet pull out a victory tomorrow using the “poor Joe, he really isn’t a Bush rubber stamp” defense, and the advantages of incumbency. If he does, the only real question is how long it will take for him to forget his "mea culpas" and criticisms of Bush’s occupation, and return to being Bush’s poodle here at home. Perhaps Joe can explain to us next week, if he escapes political extinction this week, what his plan is for getting out of Iraq when the our own soldiers say it is in a civil war and no longer know why they are there, and when it is headed for the partitioning Joe Biden predicted over two months ago. Perhaps he can also explain why the Iraqis have failed to do their part in the "stand up so that we can stand down" Bush pipe dream.

If Lieberman really does want the boys to come home, but just not now as he says, then Lamont should challenge him today to sign onto a "no permanent troops, no permanent bases" pledge.

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